Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters eBook PDF Download

Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters Full e-Book Download

Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters eBook PDF Download
Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters eBook PDF Download

Reviews of: Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters PDF Book

1st Review – This book Zero to One: Notes on Start-Ups, or How to build the future is really a good book. It is totally about all the things that we need to know about business, before starting a business, How to maintain after a business is started, and many tips for startups and all. The author Mr Peter Thiel explains how he started PayPal and became successful. Like someone said, There is no shortcuts for success. He conveys all the difficulties he faced at the time he started his company. And what are all the risks he took, etc? And he has projected a good idea about globalisation and technology. And much more stuffs for business people. I’m an entrepreneur and I really enjoyed it. One of my personal favourites too. This book is not interesting and entertaining. But it contains very good tips, ideas and knowledge about business. Really a must-read book for business people and one who is planning to start a business to avoid failures. And the language used in this book is not tough, so everyone can read and enjoy this book.

2nd Review – I think it’s important to keep in mind while reading Zero to One that Peter Thiel is indeed a cold hard, incredibly bullish capitalist. Nonetheless, he has some interesting insights on some of the largest and most powerful companies Fundamentally, business is about people, and Thiel provides some fascinating insights about the chemistry between different types (and groups) of people, as well as some of the nastiness and power struggles that can arise between incompatible people or people with differing motives. I especially enjoyed his (perhaps overly optimistic) stance on AI and robots taking our jobs. He says, “The most valuable business of coming decades will be built by entrepreneurs who seek to empower people rather than try to make them obsolete.” He uses his current business, Palantir, as an example of a company that uses technology to automate tasks that would take people a long time to perform manually so they can instead focus on the things that are far less easily automated like judgment and pattern matching..

Inside this book – 

The 1990s have a good image. We tend to remember them as a prosperous, optimistic decade that happened to end with the internet boom and bust. But many of those years were not as cheerful as our nostalgia holds. We’ve long since forgotten the global context for the 18 months of dot-com mania at decade’s end. The ’90s started with a burst of euphoria when the Berlin Wall came down in November ’89. It was short-lived. By mid-1990, the United States was in recession. Technically the downturn ended in March ’91, but recovery was slow and unemployment continued to rise until July ’92. Manufacturing never fully rebounded. The shift to a service economy was protracted and painful. 1992 through the end of 1994 was a time of general malaise. Images of dead American soldiers in Mogadishu looped on cable news. Anxiety about globalization and U.S. competitiveness intensified as jobs flowed to Mexico. This pessimistic undercurrent drove then-president Bush 41 out of the office and won Ross Perot nearly 20% of the popular vote in ’92—the best showing for a third-party candidate since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. And whatever the cultural fascination with Nirvana, grunge, and heroin reflected, it wasn’t hoped or confidence. Silicon Valley felt sluggish, too. Japan seemed to be winning the semiconductor war. The internet had yet to take off, partly because its commercial use was restricted until late 1992 and partly due to the lack of user-friendly web browsers. It’s telling that when I arrived at Stanford in 1985, economics, not computer science, was the most popular major. To most people on campus, the tech sector seemed idiosyncratic or even provincial.

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Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters PDF e-Book Information:
Full Book Name – Zero to One
Author of this Book – Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
Language – English
Download Format – PDF
Size – 6MB
eBook Pages – 186
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